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    Accredited Multitalented Female Star Wieke Garcia’s New EP “Earth” Is a Certified Work of True Distinction!

Wieke Garcia’s latest EP “Earth” is breaking new ground for one of the artists I feel is amongst the most creative forces in eclectic jazz; a star who keeps refusing to stand still, she is definitely destined for record-setting commercial success as an artist. Among her many talents, Garcia prides herself on her undoubted abilities as a singer, percussionist, harpist, and guitarist. “Earth” is a 15-minute wide-ranging ballad that serves as a groundbreaking milestone in Wieke Garcia’s music endeavors as it displays her growth and maturity, not only as an artist but also as a person.

The cover art is beautiful; an eye-catching depiction of Wieke’s visual image holding her most precious pedal harp instrument which dominates the melodies in all the tracks that make up this EP. Earth” is the sound of stillness, music that allows you the freedom of delving deep into your own thoughts. This is the sought of soothing and relaxing music that is perfect for those late- night introspections or one which allows you to clear your head!

Featuring profound and ear-catching calming harmonies, Wieke Garcia takes the listener on a path into deep reflection; “Earth” is about the genuine nature of what drives each and every one of us- blending traditional jazz and touching tunes and complemented by heartwarming vocal percussions, each and every tune in here distinctly resonates with a listener and captures your listening senses intriguingly.
A performance like the one displayed in “Haunted Hope” which I feel is an ode to redemption displays showmanship far beyond Garcia’s years! “Snowfall” is the ultimate distillation of impeccable artistry. 

“Flowing Back to You” just whisks you away and rests you within the realms of a paradise that is overflowing with peace and joy. And as it builds, more and more fresh and innovative ideas are added to keep you heavily invested and charmed.

“The Sea” and “Moriña” are nothing words could describe; you just have to let go and let the melodies take over as they take you away to a place of your choosing; and most definitely where your mind is at peace, far away from the trifling complexities of the world!

In essence, “Earth” is primed to leave an indelible mark on the independent idiosyncratic jazz music scene with Wieke Garcia expected to continue raising the bar with each and every release while redefining the genre’s standards!

“Earth” is a must listen to anyone particularly having one of those days where nothing is going your way; where you could kill to get your mojo back; let these tunes give you solace and make you feel alive again!
Follow the attached link to stream “Earth” in its entirety; if you love what Wieke Garcia has to offer, add these tunes to your playlist, and don’t forget to recommend this EP to others as well.
Catch Up With Wieke Garcia on: www.wiekegarcia.com 

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Vocalist, harpist, composer and performer