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With some luck and a lot of passion I have been able to develop into a singer, percussionist, harpist and guitarist. 20 years traveling as a pilgrim through the musical landscapes and wherever I am, I immerse myself.

Little bites of reviews about Wieke Garcia as a solo-artis

Wieke is a blessed vocalist who always puts her virtuosity at the service of music. Over the years she trained herself on harp and percussion. And not only in terms of rhythm and sound does it impose any restrictions. With great ease she knows how to seduce the listener in her musical adventure.

Wieke Garcia leads her listeners on an exciting journey to very different worlds at the first a link to jazz, which she manages to connect with different styles in only one song in a completely natural way. It shows courage to leave such stubborn footprints in a world in which music often quickly becomes uniform. Most of the songs were composed by Wieke and the rest supplemented with the most beautiful traditionals from different directions.


During and after her education at the Rotterdam conservatory she is part of the theater group of Herman van Veen.. She also played in Disney’s The Lion King and The new theater show by Ivo Niehe, Veldhuis and Kemper , Izaline Callister,  Pipslab and many others.

Productions, Compositions and Arrangements

In 2008 she organised a tour through theaters with a project called Liaison, and was linked to her debut album Wieke Garcia. In 2011, this project will be followed by ‘Wieke’s World’. There are numerous reviews released. On 12 March 2011 her new cd ‘Tributu’ was presented, recorded by Onno Witte in collaboration with Stormvogel and Marco van Os. On May 15, 2011, the CD of Lunova, with Lucas Stam on cello, was also presented. 

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